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A VoIP and internet access supplier in Luxembourg

Voipgate offers its telecoms solutions from Luxembourg and across the entire world. We offer a wide range of services such as geographically localised telephone numbers, non-geographically localised telephone numbers, premium numbers and portability along with multiple telecoms-related solutions such as conference call, softphone and even video-conference services.
Voipgate also supplies a significant internet access offering tailored to the requirements of Luxembourg companies. Over the years, we have established numerous partnerships with the major manufacturers of virtual PBXs. These agreements allow us to offer solutions that are virtual, flexible and easy for its customers to use.

Voipgate Fiber, internet in Luxembourg

Choose fibre internet in Luxembourg and profit from incomparable working comfort with ultra-high-speed! Our offer provides you with numerous functionalities.

  • Benefit from a high-performance and reliable connection up to 1GB/s.
  • Receive at least three customised Open-Xchange addresses
  • Have two VoIP channels to facilitate your national and international communications.


Ultra-rapid internet access


Data sharing and storage


Numerous free services


Packages from €47 / month plus VAT

Choose VoIP telephony

telephone voipgate

Obtain a geographic or non-geographic telephone number suited to your clientele!

Solutions suited to your clientele.

With VoIP telephony, you will benefit from numerous services for managing your telephone numbers within your company. You can obtain an assigned geographic or non-geographic telephone number which will be suited to your clientele. Calls are facilitated and opting for a telecoms operator that uses the internet networks can prevent you having to pay international rates for communications.

Cloud PBX, communicate by telephone across the internet


All of your data accessible from the cloud


Save money on telephone costs


Benefit from a hosted PBX


Choose a redundant and secure infrastructure

Cloud PBX, communicate by telephone across the internet

With Voipgate, host all the services necessary for the proper operation of your company on a cloud PBX.

Thanks to Voipgate and its cloud PBX services, you can benefit from a hosted PBX which allows you to group your telephone lines onto a virtual server. Your hosted PBX is managed by a telephone operator. You can use the hosted PBX wherever you are as it is all stored in the cloud.