VoIP telephone: transmission of voice traffic over the internet

VoIP telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a type of telephony that uses the internet protocol. This acronym means the transmission of vocal data over the internet.

voip telephone

Benefit from lower communications costs with VoIP telephony

A telephone configured for VoIP does not use traditional telephone networks but uses the internet instead. In effect, VoIP transmits voice traffic over these networks. Originally, this protocol was developed to manage data networks. Later, it was adapted for voice traffic. This protocol was designed to transform and transmit the information from the voice in IP data packets.
When talking about VoIP, we often use the concepts of IP telephony, high definition telephony, telephony over the internet and even high speed voice.
A VoIP telephone offers several functionalities such as parking a call, putting a call on hold, the configuration of multiple accounts and even video transmission during a call.

VoIP telephones and their advantages

The VoIP protocol has numerous advantages and supplies low-cost services. With this protocol, several telephone calls can be transmitted on a single high-speed line. This is a real advantage for a company that does not need to create additional physical telephone lines.
Thanks to our VoIP encryption services, the conversations are secure.
It is possible to use it on numerous smart phones, tablets and computers. VoIP telephone services are accessible to everyone who has high speed internet access.