VoIP calls: benefit from numerous advantages

Sending your voice over the internet using digitisation and transmission is much less expensive than using ordinary telephone operators. VoIP service operators offer services at lower rates than traditional telephone operators.
Using IP telephony also increases your mobility as you can use the same number from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

voip calls

Enjoy greater freedom thanks to VoIP telephony

VoIP telephony provides users with many more advantages than ordinary telephone operators.

VoIP calls have many advantages:

  • Above all, lower costs for telephone communications. Thanks to VoIP telephony, benefit from reduced costs.
  • Call management can be performed directly online by the customer. There is no waiting.
  • This technology uses the internet so there is no physical equipment to install. You save on wiring and maintenance costs.
  • You can make VoIP calls anywhere that you have access to a high-speed internet connection.
  • With IP telephony, you can choose your number. The service is clearly more flexible.

With VoIP calls, you are offered numerous functionalities such as call transfer, putting one or more calls on hold, access to the directory, the configuration of multiple accounts and even caller-ID.