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Voipgate can provide you with numerous services for your VoIP calls. Forget the traditional telecoms operators and opt for IP telephony!

telecoms operator

Voipgate: your VoIP telecoms operator

With VoIP telephony, you will benefit from numerous services for managing your telephone numbers within your company.
You can obtain an assigned geographic or non-geographic telephone number which will be suited to your clientele. Calls are facilitated and opting for a telecoms operator that uses the internet can prevent you having to pay international rates for communications.
Do you want the portability of a fixed number? By using our services you can even change operators while keeping your telephone number.

Opt for premium numbers and obtain an additional revenue source

For your company, there is an interest in installing premium numbers where the calls are paid for by the caller. The installation of these numbers allows the company to acquire an additional source of revenue. It is also possible to obtain free-phone numbers where the call is entirely paid for by the person called.

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