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At Voipgate, our customers can choose to have a geographical or non-geographical telephone number.

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Adapt your telephone number to your clientele

Thanks to geographical telephone numbers, a person can have a virtual presence in a specific location, a region or a selected town. This solution is useful if you want to be virtually close to your customers.

Non-geographical telephone numbers allow you to have a presence in a selected country without being associated with a specific town. This solution is useful if your customers are distributed throughout a territory or if you have restrictions and cannot have a geographical number. In particular, numerous call centres have non-geographical telephone numbers.

With our solutions, you can adapt your number depending on the geographic location of your customers and thus give them the impression that you are geographically close.

Calls are facilitated and you pay for your communications at local and not international rates. In effect, if you choose a telephone number in another country, you will pay for a local communication.

The allocation of a number is very easy, no technical modification is required and no special equipment. If you want a specific telephone number, you simply reserve it and it will be automatically connected to your account. Your account is not limited to a single number, you can add as many as you like.

Voipgate offers geographical and non-geographical telephone numbers in about sixty countries. For more information about these countries, please contact us.

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