Premium numbers and free-phone numbers

Voipgate offers free-phone numbers and premium numbers for your company. Discover the best solution for your needs.

premium number

Premium number: calls paid for by the caller and part of the fee is paid to the recipient

Premium numbers are numbers where the revenue is shared. They are also known as added-value service numbers. The calls made to these numbers are paid for by the caller and part of the revenue is paid to you, as the recipient.

Premium number facts, a revenue source

There are several categories of premium numbers, available depending on your activity centre, i.e.: services, entertainment with or without restrictions.

Premium numbers can be a real source of revenue or additional revenue. Voipgate allows you to redirect or allocate these premium numbers to any country.


Free-phone numbers: your customers can contact you for free

Free-phone numbers are numbers that are free for the caller and entirely paid for by the recipient. If you want to provide your customers with a number where they can contact you for free, then free-phone numbers are the solution you are looking for. Your customers will not be charged anything.

Free-phone numbers are often used in the banking sector, call centres and after-sales services. Free-phone numbers can be international or non-geographical.

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