Voice PBX: improve your activity

A hosted PBX allows you to group your fixed lines onto a virtual server. Using a virtual PBX allows you to dispense with a traditional physical system.

voice pbx

Benefit from the numerous advantages of a hosted PBX

A hosted PBX, also known as a virtual PBX, allows communication via the internet. It is supplied by a third party such as a telecoms operator.

Thanks to this service, your lines are managed in just one place. Using a virtual server allows you to save money. You no longer need a physical installation and, without a physical installation, you will have no equipment maintenance costs or electricity charges.
Choosing a virtual PBX allows you to profit from the same functionalities as a classic PBX like call redirection or even routing rules between numbers.
A hosted PBX can be used at multiple sites as everything is stored in a cloud server. You no longer have the risk of defective equipment which interferes with the proper operation of your service.
The infrastructure used by Voipgate is redundant and secure.

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