Virtual PBX: optimise your productivity

Thanks to our 3CX solutions, supply better customer service, increase the productivity of your staff and reduce your call costs. Discover our virtual PBX solutions.

virtual pbx

Advanced functionalities with our 3CX solutions

Our 3CX solutions provide multiple new advanced functionalities. Improve your customer service and face up to the competition.

With our virtual PBX solutions, a customer can hang up without losing their place in the queue. When their turn arrives, the councillor calls them back directly.

You can also analyse the waiting time spent by each customer before a councillor answers them and you can see the number of calls answered and missed by the councillors. In addition, calls are filtered using the functions Listen, Whispering or Integration for the call. This will help you improve customer service.

The access to statistics in real time, SLA alerts or even a control panel are the advanced call functionalities that allow your employees to increase their productivity.


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The characteristics of our virtual PBX are numerous :

  • Display how many calls are waiting and check the queues.
  • Connect and disconnect your employees from the queues.
  • Review the time your employees spend connect to and disconnected from the queues.
  • Check, in real time, the queues and their statistics using the control panels.
  • Study the queues using the functionalities:
    • Circular calls
    • Longest waiting time
    • Least talk time
    • Fewest answered
    • Hunt by threes – random
    • Hunt by threes – prioritised
  • Be informed when a call has waited longer than the Service Level Agreement allows.
  • Follow all calls and respond to the needs of your customer service.
  • Integrate the Microsoft Exchange 2012 Unified Message server with the 3CX telephone system for voice-mail and Interactive Vocal Response.
  • Integrate your Microsoft Exchange 2012 directory
  • See the presence status of your colleagues everywhere in the world by remote viewing of 3CX installations.