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Voipgate offers several services such as fax to e-mail, softphone, conference calls and web-meetings!

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Thanks to our fax to e-mail service, you can receive faxes by e-mail. No more need for paper, all faxes are converted to PDF format. No more need to stay in a precise location, you can receive your faxes while staying mobile.

Voipgate also allows you to profit from telephony with softphone which allows you to use internet telephony from a smartphone or portable computer. This solution will improve the productivity of your team as your employees can work anywhere. In addition, you can profit from telephone conferences with multiple people wherever they are in the world. This solution is available 24/7.

As well as telephone conferences, Voipgate offers video-conferencing. These are free video conferences between multiple people that are very easy to use and organise. These video-conferences take place using a simple web browser and there is no additional software to install.

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