Receive faxes by e-mail: the Fax2Email service

Receive a fax on your telephone and transfer it to an e-mail address in PDF format with the Voipgate Fax2Email service.

receive fax by email

Receive your faxes while staying mobile

Do you need your faxes wherever you are? Our solution allows you to receive faxes by e-mail anytime and anywhere.

Multiple advantages are included with our Fax2Email service. First, you no longer need a fax machine, everything is digitised. You will have a real fax number and your faxes will always arrive in your inbox.

In addition, you will save money as there is no longer any need for paper, supplies, maintenance costs or installation of a phone line.

We also offer the Web2Fax service which allows a customer to send a fax from a web browser.

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