Video-conference: conferences in complete simplicity

Our 3CX Web-Meeting solution is very easy to use. Thanks to it, companies save time and money as all meetings are virtual. In addition, video-conferences have an important advantage: face to face communication.

video conference

Free video-conferencing that is easy to use

3CX Web-Meeting exploits the revolutionary WebRTC technology from Google which allows video and audio communication to take place by way of a web browser. Our 3CX solution manages and controls the bandwidth. The conference is created in a single click and the VoIP and video run in complete interoperability. Our 3CX solution manages and controls the bandwidth.

There is no software to download, the participants can directly join the meeting. The absence of software to buy and install allows companies to avoid paying monthly subscriptions per user and allows you to use open-standard peripherals for a complete solution at an affordable price.

The number of users is unlimited. The affordable annual price of our solution is based on the number of participants in the video-conference, there is no per-user licence.

Our 3CX Web-Meeting solution improves productivity and collaboration of employees thanks to its multiple functionalities and user-friendliness. There is no need to subscribe for participants to join in, either for organisers or participants. It is very easy to join a video-conference with 3CX Web-Meetings.

The 3CX Web-Meetings solution allows the use of a voting tool, preloading of PowerPoint presentations and promises remote assistance and control in the case of problems.

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